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How to fly in 'Minecraft' in either Creative or Survival mode

Business Insider 12 Apr 2021
There are two simple ways to fly in "Minecraft.". Picture Alliance/Contributor/Getty Images There are two distinct ways to fly in "Minecraft," in either Creative or Survival mode. In "Minecraft's" Creative or Spectator modes, you can fly by double-tapping the jump button ... There are a few different ways to fly when playing "Minecraft."

What's more powerful — a jet or a computer?

Herald Mail 11 Apr 2021
It spends more time in the shop than it does in the air, and flying ... And the unspoken question looming over it all is, what if these “flying computers” get hacked? What if someone sitting behind a computer screen 5,000 miles away can make friends appear as enemies to the pilot?.

2B Baseball Roundup: Toledo shuts out Mounties; Cards win, Mules lose

TDN 10 Apr 2021
Fray-Paramantier added an RBI single and drove in another run with a big league sacrifice fly to deep left field ... Wahkiakum manufactured a pair of runs in the top of the third, with Tristan Collupy and Chance Cothren hitting sacrifice flies to give the Mules a 2-0 lead ... We were taking good hacks, we weren’t striking out looking.

The Dissident review: How to kill a dissident, Saudi style

Deccan Chronicle 05 Apr 2021
If two out of 10 people in the US are on Twitter, in Saudi Arabia it’s eight out of 10, the film claims and explains Saudi Arabia’s use of trolls and Pegasus, the spyware used to hack into the phones of friends and foes, to quash dissent.

Mum reveals how to clean dirty and smelly lunchboxes with ease before term two kicks off

The Daily Mail 04 Apr 2021
Kmart shopper's unlikely hack for organising her shoe... 'Can you come and do these hacks all over my house,' one woman joked ... And her fans were blown away by the simple hack ... A lemon and a handful of cloves is all it takes to get rid of flies in the home or on the verandah, according to the mum who posted her all-natural hack online.

E.L.F. Cosmetics + Jen Atkin = E.L.F. xx Jen Atkin Beauty Collab

Daily Freeman 01 Apr 2021
OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr 1, 2021--. It’s #elfmade beauty boss heaven. Beauty entrepreneur Jen Atkin, founder of Ouai Haircare and Mane Addicts, has joined forces with e.l.f. Cosmetics to create the limited edition e.l.f ... And here’s a Jen-approved multi-tasking hack—use the Brow Pomade to smooth and tame fly-away hairs along the hairline.

Outriders Will Permanently Brand Cheaters' Games

IGN Insider 26 Mar 2021
People Can Fly has announced that it will brand cheaters in Outriders by adding a permanent watermark to their HUD, among other punishments. In a post on the Outriders Steam blog, the developer outlined its cheating and hacking policy, and the repercussions players will suffer if they engage in foul play.

The traditional joke is all but dead. Help us resurrect it by sharing your favourite

The Irish Times 25 Mar 2021
In a sketch called The Funniest Joke in the World, Monty Python’s Flying Circus featured a hack writer, Ernest Scribbler – played by Michael Palin – who in 1943 stumbles on an idea so hilarious that, rereading his own lines, he laughs himself to death.

OUTDOORS: Rat-Faced McDougal fit to be tied

Gallatin News 24 Mar 2021
7 bird-shot, I enjoy sitting by the fire and tying flies ... I’m talking about fishing flies -- little tufts of fur, feathers and floss tied onto a hook to resemble (theoretically) some sort of aquatic insect that (again theoretically) fools a fish into trying to eat it ... I sent off for a fly-tying kit ... And I had caught it on a fly – a fly I hand-tied.

Police trialled DJI drones before investigating US security concerns

RNZ 23 Mar 2021
Police trialled drones before looking into security concerns swirling in the US about data from the flying machines being hijacked or hacked. Police first identified "potential security issues" with Chinese-made drones in July 2019, the answers to a series of questions in Parliament show ... In the end, the districts bought drones only from DJI ... 2021 ... .

The shadows are growing longer

The Paducah Sun 20 Mar 2021
The army in Myanmar has shut down five media organizations since Feb. 1. Facing growing public opposition to a 30-day old coup, the generals in charge decided to end the broadcasts, shut down the presses, stop the reporting. They are also now flying surveillance drones, hacking in to cellphones and software ... Yes, they are also killing people ... Gov ... .

David Zurawik: As Biden backs down on Saudi prince, this documentary on Khashoggi murder must ...

Finger Lakes Times 08 Mar 2021
Leading up to his murder, Khashoggi endured a relentless social media attack by an army of operatives called “The Flies,” as well as digital hacks that allowed Saudi intelligence agents to get inside the smartphones of Khashoggi’s closest allies to monitor virtually every move the journalist made.

Perry girls basketbal ready for regional semi after time stood still in district final win

The Concord Township News-Herald 01 Mar 2021
As soon as the ball left her hands, time stood still for Madyson Hacking ... Hacking's eyes were tracking the heave she had let go from 30-or-so feet away from the basket ... "It was definitely slow motion," Hacking said ... "Incredible pass," Hacking said of Rodriguez's play ... Hacking took one dribble and let'er fly.

The Future is Unmanned

The Maritime Executive 01 Mar 2021
The creators called it “putting a baby in the cockpit.” The AI was given almost no instructions on how to fly, so even basic practices like not crashing into the ground were things it had to learn through trial and error ... Missiles will fly at hypersonic speeds and directed energy weapons will strike targets at the speed of light.

A sticky situation! Van driver REVERSES across makeshift bridge made of two flimsy tree trunks ...

The Daily Mail 11 Feb 2021
Car-racing requires a skilful driver, but this Chinese motorist has proved that driving slowly takes just the same effort ... With incredible precision and bravery, he eventually managed to cross the ditch and reach the other side ... Wild moment a tradie is sent FLYING after a black Mazda... Motorist reveals the little-known car hack that makes... Share ... .

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